Monitored Home Alarms

Icon Security Alarm Patrol Response for monitored home alarmsThe advantages of a monitored alarms are considerable when you need a response to your alarm activating. You get the guarantee of quick response, not just relying on neighbors, who aren’t always there.

Icon Security is a specialist patrol response company who we have been working closely with for many years. They respond to call outs to your premises when needed and have the quickest response times to alarm activations anywhere in Auckland. Icon is the only company to pay their guards a bounty on burglars and we would highly recommend that you use them to respond to your monitored alarm.

How Do Monitored Alarm Systems Work?

If an intruder activates a security alarm that is monitored, the control panel dials out over the phone line to the monitoring station where it is immediately acted upon. The actions taken depend upon your specific instructions.

The technology behind Micron Security Products is very intelligent. These are world-class products made right here in Auckland, New Zealand. So whether you pushed the panic button, there was a fire while you weren’t home, or a burglar set off the security system, the data will be translated for the monitoring station to be acted upon accordingly.

Unfortunately, personal safety in our own homes is becoming more and more important these days. During a home invasion, a panic signal picked up by the monitoring station could save a life. For around a $1 a day, without any long-term binding contracts, you can rest easy at night.

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