Auckland Security Expert – John McGrevy

Auckland security expert, John McGrevy has been selling and installing commercial and home security systems, house alarms, CCTV’s, and monitoring solutions throughout Auckland for over 20 years. Having done hundreds of installations, he can evaluate your property to give you the very best advice .

As added protection for his customers, he is Government Licensed with the Ministry of Justice under the Security Guards and Private Investigations Act.

“I take great pride in delivering service and quality. To ensure you get this, I offer a free, no obligation home security assessment. I can inspect your property and discuss options and prices available to suit your own situation. Furthermore, I will personally install your home security solution. You can rest assured if you had any questions, long after the installation. I would only be a phone call away.

The security products I use are top-notch, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t affordable! “

We are Kiwi Owned and Run

The products for our alarm systems have been designed and manufactured here in Auckland for 35 years. They are made to the highest standards, and have to be, because they have successfully become a major exporter, supplying many overseas markets. They require high quality control and that benefits Auckland and the entire New Zealand market accordingly.

Residential and Commercial

We can work together to tailor-make a home security system or commercial security system to suit your needs and budget.